TO MENU

        If you wanna do this thing with me, just know we might get a little muddy (likely) and we might let loose deep belly and awkward snort laughs (for sure actually), but hands down, you'll have stories to share the rest of your life of moments that couldn't have been conjured up elsewhere. If you're down to make this happen, hit the button below and let's start scheming!

        When I say I’m not just a photographer, what I mean is…


        • When I shoot, you’ll typically find me crying and laughing right along with you. (Emotional sap? Guilty as charged!)
        • I have experience in event production and coordination, so when it comes to weddings, I can take the heat!
        • I won’t just book with you and then leave you high and dry. I’ll be your sidekick throughout the whole planning process. Ready with tips, tricks, and a shoulder to cry on if you need it!
        • There is no such thing as “too” off the wall for me. Whatever your brain can dream up for your day, whatever you want it to feel like, however weird and wild, I’m into it!