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        If you wanna do this thing with me, just know we might get a little muddy (likely) and we might let loose deep belly and awkward snort laughs (for sure actually), but hands down, you'll have stories to share the rest of your life of moments that couldn't have been conjured up elsewhere. If you're down to make this happen, hit the button below and let's start scheming!

        I’m currently sheltering in Texas, but my heart is spread out in so many places I’m still not sure where to call home! I’m married to the coolest, smartest, heartthrob of hubs, who not only is my best bud but also happens to be my filmmaking creative sounding board. We met while kayaking on a lake under moonlight, and recently threw our dream “wild-child” intimate wedding, complete with a glowing teepee tent, Korean BBQ tacos, and wayyy too many strung lights and candles. It was pure magic.

        Our wedding was actually what got me curious enough to dig my hands into the wedding industry in the first place – specifically my favorite part, the photo memories of all that beautiful, gushy, heart-melting stuff. 

        Hannah + Ryan Wedding