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        So what's the skinny on Tiny Weddings?

        Imagine a day with all the elements of a "real" wedding -- from getting ready jitters to a beautiful ceremony to a grand entrance to a mad reception party -- but surrounded by just 10-25 of your all time favorite humans on the planet.

        No dad's cousin's current girlfriend pouting because you forgot her name on the seating chart. No frustrating budgets or awkward guest interactions. Just you two, your people, and all the tears and belly laughs that come with that. Sounds like a pretty damn good time.

        How To Have A

        Tiny Wedding


        for starters


        grab your BFFS


        pick the details


        make it a memory

        One of the best parts of planning a tiny wedding is how less limited you can be with choosing your big day's location! You can ditch the giant venue option if you want and go for everything from a rad AirBnB, to a national park, to your own backyard.

        By tiny, we mean tiny! There's no pressure to invite the whole town. Just the ones who have done life with you. The ones who know your love story with all its twists and turns, who will bring all the joy and support like no other on your biggest day ever.

        Once you've got a location nailed down, anything goes! Whatever activities you want, food, styling, games... You choose. Whether it's a spontaneous plunge in a lake, slow dancing around a bonfire, or hiring your brother's indie rock band to liven up the night, anything goes so long as its what YOU want to do.

        Bottom line, this is your day and you're making a big decision together worth celebrating. So however you decide to craft the memory of your day, let it be a tale you're proud of and want to tell over and over again for the next 50 years.

        Tiny Weddings start at $2900 and include a full day of captured memories, no matter how you choose to spend the day!

        Want to have tasty  steak BBQ under strung lights? Or go off-roading with the gang in the nearby desert trails? Take a hike to the nearest waterfall? 

        Go horseback riding up to a cabin overlooking the lake? Play card games with drinks by a bonfire? Anything goes when it’s just you and your people! 

        Is this striking a chord?